• 9Aug 2022

    Celebration of “Indian Brussels Mela 2022”

    By admin
    Dear Indian Diaspora,
    We are pleased to announce the celebration of Indian Brussels Mela on Monday 15th August, 2022 from 12.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs at Indian Cultural Centre asbl – Brussels Mandir, 123-125 Rue Colonel Bourg, 1140 Evere (Brussels). Please join us with your family, friends and relatives and forward this message to your contacts.
    As like previous Indian Brussels Mela, there will be Cultural program, fancy dress show and dance with the Desh Bhagati theme (patriotic) – Please contact Mrs. Kanta Sekhri for the cultural program at 0498 77 41 17.
    There will be children’s drawing competition from 3 to 12 years of age. Drawing competition time from 12.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs. You are requested to bring your own paper preferably A3 size paper and colours, pencil etc. related to the drawing. (Mandir will not provide any papers or colours). Please contact Mrs. Sushmita Jattan at 0473 65 13 90.
    There will be food & soft drink stalls by the Brussels Mandir.
    Please join us and let’s have a great fun on this day. Celebration of India’s 75 Independence day 15th August, 2022 at 1.00 pm with the National Anthem at Indian Cultural Centre asbl – Brussels Mandir.
    Jai Hind

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